Hello from UKTOBG.

Bulgaria is more than actual removal destination again for the British citizens. The higher rate of the British pound accordingly to the Euro and Bulgarian lev makes buying of property in Bulgaria very attractive again. And so attractive are the rates for transport of personal effects too.

Southeast Bulgaria is preferred for relocation of British citizens because of the good weather and short distance to the sea. In Burgas province the rates of the real estates remain high accordingly to the Bulgarian property market. But in Yambol province the rates are low, and the province is close to the seasise, so this makes Yambol province one of the most preffered destinations for relocation.

The villages around Yambol, Elhovo, etc. are sensitively depopulated, with many empty houses, so the rates are low, and the environment is nice for the people coming from big and crowded Great Britain. There are no big factories or mines nereby and there is no environment pollution, like it is in other places like Galabovo and Radnevo.

Our company has weekly departures from whole UK to the regions of Burgas, Yambol and Sliven - Southeast Bulgaria. We have office in Burgas and in the region we can suggest loading, unloading, packing services, etc.