UK and Bulgaria

There must be reasons for about 30 000 British citizens to perform removal to Bulgaria. UK and Bulgaria are quite different countries in all ways. Here are some ofthe main differences between both countries that make Bulgaria attractive place for relocation.

 Compared to UK, Bulgaria is quite low populated accordingly to the terrytory. Out of the big cities there are many, many low populated villages with wild fields and forests between them. The wild nature is everywhere in Bulgaria - mountains, rivers, lakes, a lot of opprotunities for hunting, fishing, etc. This is something that is missing in UK, where almostevery place is populated. Usually the Brits buy properties in some Bulgarian village, always aiming the end, where are no neighbors.

 Climate is another big difference. As in UK it is almost ethernal autumn, in Bulgaria there are four clear separated seasons. Cold winter with a lot of snow, rainy and green spring, hot summer and colourful autumn. This is country, where you can swim in the rivers, lakes and the sea in the summer and to ride ski or snowboard in the winter. You can do none of these in UK.

 Bulgaria is country, where you can gather and eat directly fruits from the threes and vegetables from the gardens. You can have milk directly from the cow and eggs from the chicken. You can make your own wine and rakia from your own grapeyard. This all is quite different than if taken from the supermarket.


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