Transport UK - Sofia - UK

As Sofia is the capital, largest city, economical and cultural center of Bulgaria, it is very clear that the Britis citizens who relocate to Bulgaria for busines, work or education purposes, most - likely will move to Sofia.

Our company has weekly trucks in the most areas of UK - London, Mancheter, Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow, that come to Bulgaria usually first to Sofia. Then we reload on our small removal vans that are perfect for the busy traffic and strong restrictions in the big city.

The most preferred areas in Sofia for the brits that relocate here are the center and the closed comlexes around the city. The access for both is complicated and insists special permissions. And of course, this is not a problem for us, as we are working there constantly.

Our company also suggest the bacway removal - from Sofia to UK. Here in Sofia we can provide large ammount of services: supplying with all packing materials, precise packing, disassembling of furniture, etc.

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