Transport from UK to Bulgaria

The truck transport of household goods between Bulgaria and UK is the main activity of our company UK to Bulgaria. Every week we have truck in every point of Great Britain, ready to collect your personal effects and transport them to Bulgaria. Along with this, the back way is the same: every week we can collect from any point in Bulgaria and deliver to any point in England.

In the past few years the connections between UK and Bulgaria are developing constantly. In the previous decade many Brititish citizens found the opportunity to have new home in Bulgaria - country with beautiful and preserved nature, cheap properties and calm life.

Along with this, many Bulgarians chose the opportunity to work, learn and live in UK – country with a lot of business, science and opportunities. The British employers also valued the qualities, skills and education of the Bulgarians, and constantly receive workers from this country.

Another point in the human traffic between the both countries are the huge British and other international companies who invest in Bulgaria, and who send British managers here. These companies usually take a lot of care for the comfort of their high – level employees, and pay for high quality international transport and removal services between England and Bulgaria.

In all cases and needs, our company UK to Bulgaria is ready to respond. Our experience and base give the opportunity to satisfy all needs of our clients. From Newcastle to Southampton, from Dover to Bristol, every week we have collect or deliver your goods constantly. With perfect quality and good rates.

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