Transport Bulgaria - Manchester - Liverpool - Bulgaria

Our company UKTOBG performs weekly transport of personal effects between Bulgaria and the UK cities of Liverpoool and Manchester.

As main cities of UK we have regular transport to them and to the all places in their metro areas: Bolton, Stockport, Wigan, Chester, etc.

As the British pound conitnuously extends its rate accordingly to the EUR and the conected to it Bulgaria lev (BGN) , and the Bulgaria properties are on the lowest rates from the last 10 years, many British citizens again decide to relocate to Bulgaria.

The high rate of the GBP accordingly the EUR makes the transport rates for the British citizens cheap too.

Relocation from UK to Bulgaria now is easier than ever, as the UK citizens can be adviced by their natives for a lot of questions accordingly to the living in Bulgaria.

As the areas of Manchester and Liverpool have high levels of unemployment and crimes, many of their citizens want to retire calmly in Bulgaria, close to the nature and out of the urban madness.

And noone could perform their relocation better than our company UKTOBG.


Published on 29.10.2015 | back to the blog

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