Transport Scotland - Bulgaria - Scotland

Our company for international transport suggests weekly truck transport of household goods between Scotland and Bulgaria.

As people from Scotland now discover the possibilities for relocation to Bulgaria, we are ready to return to their expectations and needs.

We perform regularly collections of personal effects from the areas of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, etc. In Bulgaria we deliver to the whole country. Usually the Scottish people prefer villages located 30 - 50 kilometers from the seaside, as it is close to the beach but not so expensive. Provinces like Yambol and Dobrich are preferred in this case.

Other preferred destinations are provinces in Bulgaria are provinces like Veliko Tarnovo and Gabrovo, where the beautiful mountain area is combined with examples from different periods of the Bulgarian history.

For the very long road between Scotland and Bulgaria we use trucks in perfect condition. Your goods will be safe in our truck during the long trip. Along with the reasonable rates we give our company is already preferred for household removals between Scotland and Bulgaria.







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