The Rose Valley of Bulgaria

Rose valley of Bulgaria is preferred place for many British expats for removal to Bulgaria. This is a region in Bulgaria, located South of Stara Planina mountain and North of Sredna Gora mountain, in the municipalities of the towns of Kazanlak and Karlovo.

Bulgaria produces 70 % of the rose  on the world market, because the roses in this valley are with the best quality in the world. The rose is one of the symbols of Bulgaria and one of its world famous products.

Along with its famous rose oil, the Rose Valley is beautiful by itself and attarctive for accomodation. There are cute and clean villages. There are mineral springs and spa resorts like Pavel Banya. The clean air is guaranteed by the very close mountains of Stara Planina and Sredna Gora.

In the last year a huge number of acient Thracian tombs were discovered in the area of the valley, that attract many tourists to see the ancient history of the Bulgarian lands.

The biggest town in the valley is Kazanlak, and is known as capital of the Rose Valley.



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