Near the Bulgarian seaside

Relocation not on but near the Bulgarian seaside is smart investment by many UK citizens, who did and are doing it. The reason, as you may guess - the rates. But not only - the seaside of Bulgaria is already quite overbuilt and along with the money the calmness is the other reason.

  On distance of 5 - 30 kilometers from the seaside there are cute villages and small towns, where many UK citizens have their homes already.

 On South in Burgas area is located Stranja mountain, so the cute villages suggest unique combination of house in the mountain close to the sea. This area is maybe most preferrred by the brits who want house near the Bulgarian seaside.

 Going North there are many other opportunities for accomodation close to the sea. There are British communities in the area of Aytos, Kableshkovo, Dolny Chiflik and many more.

 The villages located on distance up to 30 kilometers from the seaside already have comparatively good infrastructure and there are many luxury properties for sale. Right now the rates are quite low too, so maybe it is the perfect moment to relocate from UK to the East side of Bulgaria.


Published on 18.09.2013 | back to the blog

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