Brits in Bulgaria

The experts from the prestigious info portal TheMoveChannel put Bulgaria on 8th place in a ranking of the most preferred by the British citizens countries for buying property. This means that Bulgaria rises with 10 positions in this ranking for one year. Just years ago the experts were laughing on the efforts of Bulgaria to become part of this ranking.

  What prefers the typical British expat in Bulgaria?

Our experience says, that the British citizens almost always buy village houses in the most uninhabited areas, in the end or even outside of the villages, and the good view is mandatory. As Bulgaria is much less populated than UK, these people enjoy this possibility, which seems strange to the Bulgarians. The weather is the next good thing in Bulgaria.

Snow in the winter, heat in the summer - these both are missing in UK. Through the year in Bulgaria you can swim in the sea, rivers and lakes in the Summer and ride ski and snowboard in the winter.

The typical Bulgarian food and drinks are really enjoyable. The foreigners always enjoy the local meals like Musaka, Shopska salata, Kebapcheta; the wines and the spirit drink called rakiya.

Well, Bulgaria is not paradise, but already tens of thousands of Britishs live here, and most of them feel good.

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