Your relocation from UK to Bulgaria

Relocation from UK to Bulgaria is still a good choice, and will be after Brexit. The real estates in Bulgaria are the cheapest in EU. The taxes in Bulgaria are the lowest in EU too.    

Published on 14.12.2017

Near the Bulgarian seaside

Relocation not on but near the Bulgarian seaside is smart investment by many UK citizens, who did and are doing it. The reason, as you may guess - the rates. But not only - the seaside of Bulgaria is already quite overbuilt and along with the money the […]

Published on 18.09.2013

Mountains in Bulgaria

Nature is the main factor for the British citizens who intend relocation and transport UK to Bulgaria. One of the most beautiful parts of the nature are the Bulgarian mountains.  Bulgaria is small, but incredibly different and interesting […]

Published on 10.07.2013

UK and Bulgaria

There must be reasons for about 30 000 British citizens to perform removal to Bulgaria. UK and Bulgaria are quite different countries in all ways. Here are some ofthe main differences between both countries that make Bulgaria attractive place for […]

Published on 23.05.2013

Brits in Bulgaria

The experts from the prestigious info portal TheMoveChannel put Bulgaria on 8th place in a ranking of the most preferred by the British citizens countries for buying property. This means that Bulgaria rises with 10 positions in this ranking for one year. […]

Published on 05.01.2013