Popular places in Bulgaria

As removal to Bulgaria is continuous phenomenon for many UK citizens, let's see what exactly attracts these people in our country. So, what is the first attracting thing one British can imagine when Bulgaria is mentioned? WWW - Women, Weather, Wine - this […]

Published on 23.04.2013

Why Bulgaria?

Tehns of thousands British citizens chose to relocate to Bulgaria. But why here? We'll try to analize the main reasons. Bulgaria is country with low prices of the main factors of life. All British citizens who receive some finances from UK live […]

Published on 05.04.2013

Transport from UK to Bulgaria

The truck transport of household goods between Bulgaria and UK is the main activity of our company UK to Bulgaria. Every week we have truck in every point of Great Britain, ready to collect your personal effects and transport them to Bulgaria. Along with […]

Published on 08.03.2013

Brits in Bulgaria

The experts from the prestigious info portal TheMoveChannel put Bulgaria on 8th place in a ranking of the most preferred by the British citizens countries for buying property. This means that Bulgaria rises with 10 positions in this ranking for one year. […]

Published on 05.01.2013