New life with relocation to Bulgaria

Relocation from UK to Bulgaria was, is and will be a good idea after Brexit. Bulgaria holds the lowest prices of real estates in EU. The taxes here are the lowest too. And the life? - Easier and healthy.   We all know the good reasons to relocate to […]

Published on 14.12.2017

Your relocation from UK to Bulgaria

Relocation from UK to Bulgaria is still a good choice, and will be after Brexit. The real estates in Bulgaria are the cheapest in EU. The taxes in Bulgaria are the lowest in EU too.    

Published on 14.12.2017

Your relocation to Bulgaria

Published on 13.12.2017

Transport London - Sofia - London

The biggest, most populated, economically developed and most important cities in UK and Bulgaria are London and Sofia. This, of course, is the reason our company for international removals between Bulgaria and UKTOBG constantly performs removal and […]

Published on 10.02.2016

Transport Bulgaria - Manchester - Liverpool - Bulgaria

Our company UKTOBG performs weekly transport of personal effects between Bulgaria and the UK cities of Liverpoool and Manchester. As main cities of UK we have regular transport to them and to the all places in their metro areas: Bolton, Stockport, Wigan, […]

Published on 29.10.2015

Transport UK - Sofia - UK

As Sofia is the capital, largest city, economical and cultural center of Bulgaria, it is very clear that the Britis citizens who relocate to Bulgaria for busines, work or education purposes, most - likely will move to Sofia. Our company has weekly trucks […]

Published on 09.02.2015

Transport Scotland - Bulgaria - Scotland

Our company for international transport suggests weekly truck transport of household goods between Scotland and Bulgaria. As people from Scotland now discover the possibilities for relocation to Bulgaria, we are ready to return to their expectations and […]

Published on 28.10.2014

Transport London - Bulgaria - London

Our company for removals and truck transport suggests weekly grupage lines between Bulgaria and London. As biggest city and capital of UK London is economical, education and so on center of Europe, very attractive for professional career or studying.

Published on 01.07.2014

Transport Ireland - Bulgaria - Ireland

Along with the best conditions for removal and transport of personal effects between Bulgaria and UK, our company is the best choice for relocation services between Bulgaria and Ireland too. Either North Ireland ot Republic of Ireland, we offer the best […]

Published on 18.03.2014

The Rose Valley of Bulgaria

Rose valley of Bulgaria is preferred place for many British expats for removal to Bulgaria. This is a region in Bulgaria, located South of Stara Planina mountain and North of Sredna Gora mountain, in the municipalities of the towns of Kazanlak and […]

Published on 21.01.2014