About us

Every good idea is a matter of chance. So occasional was our idea to create a small company called UK to Bulgaria for international removals between Bulgaria and UK.

It all began few years ago, when we were watching the waves of British and other citizens buying properties in Bulgaria. Logically appeared the question: how do these people relocate their goods? Do they sell or leave everything, all possessions that form their life in front of the impossibility to drive them thousands of kilometers or to pay the high rates of the Western moving companies?

So we decided to establish our small company and to perform cheap moving between Bulgaria and UK.

The cheap removals to and from Bulgaria do not mean bad quality. We can offer low rates because оf our small expenditures and well organized work. The small company also means personal attention to every client, which you will not receive from the big moving companies.

We know that the good personal attention combined with good rates creates special relations between us and the customers, and this is part of the pleasure to do business.