moving UK to Bulgaria

Removals UK to Bulgaria

UK to Bulgaria company is established in 2001 by me – Rumen Botev, and my partner Stanislav Atanasov. We are born in Sofia, Bulgaria, we are university degree and we'll reach age of 35 years soon. We've travelled a lot and we know every place in Bulgaria and England.

Our experience is in the removals branch, and especially for the destination UK to Bulgaria it is significant. I've worked many years in the area of the removal and packing of personal effects. My partner Atanasov is experienced in transport and forwarding too.

We have our own vans and trucks, and in case of no possibility to use them we turn to our friends and colleagues specialized in this activity too.

Our team of movers contains young and polite people with huge experience in the removals. The small area of Bulgaria allows sending them to any point of the country if necessary.

Along with Bulgaria we know England very well too. Our perfect English assures free communication with British citizens and the possibility to give them all kind of help and assistance for the new life in Bulgaria.

On the way between UK and Bulgaria we make transport services to all countries on destination - France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania. We can perform services either to and from these countries and either to or from UK and Bulgaria. Very often we perform transport to other European countries that are not on the destination: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourgh, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia, latvia, Lithuania. We have very good proposals for transport Bulgaria - Greece and UK - Greece.

Along with removal and transport we offer the service storage of personal effects. Your goods can wait safety in our depot the reconstruction of your home and this will assure your calmness during the international removal.

We want, we know how and we can work for you and we offer for this the best price.